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Our revolutionary technology efficiently converts subterranean heat into electricity, boasting up to a 96% plant capacity factor for unmatched performance. Leveraging the Earth’s perpetual heat allows us to site our plants anywhere, reducing costs and offering limitless possibilities for unmatched efficiency.


Experience a revolutionary shift in energy infrastructure with our plants, reducing transmission requirements and ensuring continuous, reliable supply. Our advanced sensor network and digital twin technology offer real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance for superior performance. Powered by cutting-edge AI, our platform provides precise insights, offering a strategic advantage in navigating the energy landscape.


We extract renewable, high-quality heat from deep beneath the Earth’s surface, converting it into emissions-free electricity with minimal environmental impact. This versatile heat source serves various purposes, including district heating for homes, commercial spaces, and industries, reducing emissions. The lower-temperature heated fluid is efficiently recycled in our closed-loop system, ensuring a continuous, clean, and affordable source of heat and power.
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