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In envisioning a future of community-driven energy, our modular systems empower utilities, towns, and cities to establish distributed networks of heat and power, reducing transmission costs and enhancing resiliency. Designed for scalability, Arkaean’s plants can seamlessly grow from 20MW(e) to over 1000MW(e), ensuring sustainable and tailored energy solutions.


For mining, steel, chemical, and cement industries, we offer bespoke on-site solutions, delivering tailored heat and power to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions. Join us in reshaping the industrial landscape with sustainable solutions for a greener future.


In remote communities, simplicity is paramount. Our user-friendly small-scale systems provide tailored heat and power, replacing costly diesel fuels. With multiple surface options for easy maintenance, our solutions support sustainable living and year-round food production in indoor greenhouses, fostering energy independence.

Lower Emissions


We support the aviation industry’s alternative fuels program by delivering zero-emission heat and power for sustainable alternative fuel production.


We deliver cost-effective baseload and on-demand power, alongside essential heat, to the cement industry, enhancing manufacturing processes.


We help the mining industry ditch diesel costs by providing tailored heat and power solutions for every project, regardless of location or size.


We supply the steel and aluminum industry with cost-effective, reliable power and essential heat for manufacturing processes.


In the digital age, data centers demand significant electricity. Our solution: affordable, zero-GHG onsite power for sustainable business growth.
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